Ghayoor ul Haq

Senior Software Engineer
Full Stack Develper


Software Engineer - 1 Year & 1 Month | May 2021 - June 2022

During my tenure at, I played a pivotal role in the development and enhancement of their Shopify mobile builder web application, which was built using React. Additionally, I contributed significantly to the Taply mobile app, developed with React Native. My responsibilities included the implementation of numerous features and integrations, notably with Yotpo, KiwiSizing, and Typefoams.

My technical expertise was further demonstrated through my work with GraphQL and RESTful APIs, along with state management using Redux. Moreover, I was entrusted with the review of Pull Requests and the execution of various Git operations, underscoring my proficiency in version control and code collaboration.

This experience not only allowed me to apply and expand my technical skills but also to understand the intricacies of working in a dynamic, team-oriented environment.

Software Engineer

CuddlyNest Technologies - 7 Months | March 2020 - September 2020

In my role contributing to the CuddlyNest mobile application, developed using React Native, I was instrumental in integrating a range of advanced features and functionalities. My responsibilities included the seamless integration of various payment systems, ensuring a robust and user-friendly experience. I also implemented a notification system, enhancing user engagement and app usability.

A significant part of my contribution was the incorporation of a dark mode feature, catering to user preferences and reducing screen glare in low-light environments. Additionally, I was involved in integrating several APIs, further expanding the app's functionality and interconnectivity.

Beyond the mobile application, I played a key role in developing search middlewares using Python. This involved working with Redis and implementing multithreading in scripts, which significantly optimized performance and efficiency. These contributions underscored my ability to work with diverse technologies and my commitment to enhancing user experience and application performance.

Developer Lead

Developer Student Clubs - PUCIT - 1 Year | September 2019 - September 2020

As the Developer Lead at the Developer Student Club (DSC) of Punjab University College of Information Technology, which is powered by Google, I was at the forefront of creating and nurturing a learning-driven community. My role involved organizing and conducting a variety of workshops, leading diverse collaborative projects, and facilitating group activities, all aimed at disseminating technical knowledge and enhancing practical skills among my peers.

In this leadership capacity, I not only shared knowledge but also engaged in a continual learning process. A primary focus of mine was identifying real-life problems and devising technological solutions. This required collaborating with a broad spectrum of students, assimilating their ideas, and guiding them to apply their technical acumen in resolving practical issues. My tenure at DSC - PUCIT stands as a testament to my dedication to education, leadership, and the practical application of technology for solving real-world challenges.

Python Developer (Scripting & Automation) - 7 Months | April 2019 - Octuber 2019

Implemented smart automation and data scraping techniques on, leading to significant reductions in manpower requirements, costs, and task completion times. This strategy enhanced overall efficiency and productivity remarkably.

Python Developer - 1 Year & 6 Months | February 2018 - July 2019

Developed advanced web crawlers using Python (Scrapy) for, adeptly handling complex structures and challenges. This included managing authentication processes, navigating infinite pagination, accurately scraping item details, and effectively dealing with intricate aspects.

React Native Developer

Sulata iSoft - 7 Months | June 2017 - December 2017

Gained substantial experience in mobile application development at Sulata iSoft, working with React Native, a cross-platform framework for iOS and Android. This role, focused on leveraging a Facebook-developed product, allowed me to enhance my skills in creating versatile and user-friendly mobile applications.

Web Developer (Internship)

ebizLogics - 5 Months | January 2017 - May 2017

During my internship, I honed my skills in both front-end and back-end web development, working with technologies such as HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, and JQuery. This period was marked by significant learning and application, leading to the successful development of websites like,, and, where I utilized core PHP, CakePHP, Laravel, and MySQL. This experience was instrumental in building a strong foundation in web technologies.


PUCIT - University of Punjab

A Grade - 2016 - 2020

BS Information Technology

Forman Christian College

A+ Grade - 2014 - 2016

Intermediate (ICS)

Unique Group of Institutions

A+ Grade - 2012 - 2014

Matric - Computer Science