Ghayoor ul Haq

Senior Software Engineer
Full Stack Develper


Taply Mobile & Web App | React Native, NextJs, Redux, GraphQL, Typescript, Shopify, One Signal

At Taply I contributed to both the Shopify web app and Mobile app:

Following are some features I worked on the Shopify web app:

  • UI fixes and designed new components using React Hooks
  • Added new integrations like Yotpo, Stamped, KiwiSizing, WhatsApp, etc
  • Implemented new social media post components ( YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, Vimeo, Typeform, etc )
  • Added localization
  • Implemented billings plans
  • Integrated targeted notifications

Contributed to the following features in React Native mobile app:

  • UI design fixes and revamps
  • Integrated number of REST/RESTful APIs
  • Added review integrations like Yotpo, Stamped
  • Added dynamic linking for notifications
  • Added social media posts ( YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, Vimeo, Typeform, etc )

Git/Github was used in these projects, I used to review and merge PRs as well.

CMW Mobile App | React Native, Redux, Firebase (Notifications, Analytics), Admob

CMW is mobile application of In this application, user can find wordwide Jobs, scholarship, news, blogs and institutions. Besides these, user can perform search, mark for later read, share all of these to other in form of image, link and text and subscribe to newsletters.

Cuddlynest Mobile App | React Native, Redux, Firebase, Jest, Stripe, Sockets

Cuddlynest application is like Airbnb in which host and traveller both can login. Traveller can search and book Hotels as accommodation all over the world. Host can manage the booking and enquries. I integrated number of APIs in it. Also added checkout flow for booking, notifications, dark mode, language localization wrote test cases using jest

Aepistle Mobile App

React Native, Redux, Jest, Storybook

This is social media application as same as facebook. User can login, post something, share posts, join and leave group and manage their own profile. I developed this application from scratch.

Auto Azure Mobile App

React Native, Redux Auto Azure is an application for customer support. Customer service officer can login into app and answer the customer queries. In addition to this, officer can also check orders, chat with customers and have bird eye view of orders, messages, queries and sales. Officer can have different accounts. He/She can switch between accounts by login once

##RBSA Mobile App React Native

Review Based Management System mobile app to get reviews from client for business. I developed this as a module of final year project.

Mantra Mobile App

React Native, Redux Worked on App called Mantra that contains cart for ordering food. Number of advance features I added in it on client's demand like saving previous orders to reorder later. Used REDUX in it effectively for state-management.

Mobile Gigs Mobile App

React Native, Redux

Worked on App called Mobile Gigs. In this app different type of users can register and login to perform their respective task. I just integrated few APIs in it. Used redux for state-management and API's call.


React Native, MobX

Developed on hybrid app in react native for a restaurant to book orders from registered tables in restaurant and for delivery. Used MobX as a state- management in it. In addition to this, there was a complete categorise menu to display in app.

In House Project

React Native, MobX

Developed react native app for booking vehicles of different type. Idea of this app was to book different type of cars to pick peoples from different locations for a tour, meeting or a visit.

GUI in Python for scraping (.exe)

Python, PyQt

Developed a GUI in Python for crawlers to make the process user friendly. In addition to this, created executable file for windows by packaging all the files and libraries.

Scraping & Automation

Python, Scrapy

Wrote crawlers to scrape data from different site for (Pakistan), (France) and some other international clients and automate the system to add scraped data into the system after formatting that data in particular manner.

Aroush Works

PHP, CakePHP, JQuery, MySQL

I developed website for a construction company. Their requirement was to advertise their different type of projects of construction for which they want fully dynamic online system to attach

  • Images
  • Videos
  • Google Maps
  • Address

In addition to this, I developed module to add their services and latest news about property.

Loan Management

PHP, Laravel, JQuery

Developed application for a dairy shop in which following things where included:

  • Register Customer (Daily, Monthly)
  • Add, Delete products available at shop
  • Manage orders on loan
  • Manage complete detail for order
  • Receive Payments
  • Generate Invoices in PDF format
  • Clearance of outstanding amount.


Developed to display

  • Services
  • Guidelines for Tax
  • Latest News about Tax
  • List of previous Clients
  • Contact Information

Blood Bank


In a group, we developed blood bank as a semester project in which I worked on database and some of backend modules. This system keeps records that which donor donate which type of blood. There are three type of users of this system.

  • Admin
  • Patient
  • Donor

Admin will approve the registered accounts of patient and donor so that they can login. A patient can request particular type of blood that will be visible to registered donors. Donor of that type of blood will response to that request. Admin can check all patient request and donor response. Admin can disable patient request and even account of donor and patient.

Conference Management System


This Project include 3 users

  • Admin
  • Advisers
  • Candidate

Admin approves accounts of advisers and candidates. Candidate submits research papers in specific file format. Advisers read that papers and rate them using stars. After specific defined date admin checks to top rated papers and choose one of them. That chosen candidate then submit camera ready version of research paper and register the conference.